Why a Coach a Vital Tool For Transformation


A person’s success is mostly measured by what they are able to achieve and show, physically. Something tangible. Yet success and winning is only the tail end of a longer journey.

Most people like to believe they can run their life on their own 100% all the time but the results, in reality, tell a different story.

How many of us have tried to change a habit for years, but in vain? Or maybe have been planning a new career, new business, or attempting to take our current business to the next level but keep falling short, or running in circles or giving up? It could even be that we’ve tried to ‘fix’ our intimate relationships by using multiple tools but always come up short and we can’t seem to figure out why it doesn’t work?

Ask yourself if you identify with either or all of these situations :

You are unable to break out of bad habits and patterns not matter what you’ve tried

You are living in constant cycles of high stress and anxiety

You have a persistent feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment but don’t know what to do or where to begin

You face blocked creativity or a sense of loss of direction

The truth of the matter, however painful it is to admit, we don’t know what we don’t know. In other words, we all have blind spots and these come to the barriers, the obstacles to our growth and success.

Without realizing it, these blind spots can be deceiving and often present themselves as logical reasons and beliefs. We are often operating from self-limiting beliefs and might not even know it.

This is why having a coach is so important and here are a few reasons why this service is irreplaceable :

Right off the bat, the most important value they bring is the fact that they are on the outside looking in. They are operating outside of our belief systems which allows them to see clearly without bias. They are able to see what we cannot and are able to articulate a different perspective as a result. Looking from the outside allows them to easily notice patterns, or where we get stuck or when we get pulled off-track.

The coaching process allows for an accountability buddy. We tend to fare better when we have a person that we commit certain actions. Just like we are more likely to go to the gym if we have a workout buddy. During transformation, feelings of fear, anxiety, overwhelment are common and having a coach who can draw us out of that funk.

A good coach will help bring to you deep clarity. Most of us have a vague idea of what we think we want but a coach is trained to ask better questions to help drain the swap, clear the noise so that we can get to the heart of the matter.

Coaches have a good BS detector and they will call it out when they see it. They help us face the truth when we are not able to stop lying to ourselves. This helps us break through our self-defeating cycles and habits and pursue areas that thus far have remained unexplored.

A coach is an excellent sounding board and can be the place to brainstorm ideas and work through ideas that are still forming. Taking the self-talk and holding our thoughts in a conversation can help us have new realizations. Such conversations are also a place to work out mental processes in a safe environment.

A coach is a great source for creative ideas, different approaches, different experiences. Since they speak with multiple people from all facets of life, they hold with them more life experiences then one individual. This allows us to access tried and tested methods and develop a plan that works without undergoing too much trial and error.

A coach provides a safe space with nurturing and supporting energies. Their only goal is to uplift and ensure our success. They help us celebrate successes and are a pillar of strength when we fail.

Coaches play a variety of roles, they are mentors, co-creators, motivators, disciplinarian, a friend, and even an accountability buddy. When you cannot hold a higher vision for yourself, it’s the coach that will carry you through till you are able to do it for yourself. The coach supports and facilitates the individual to learn, identify, clarify values, skills and goals which is an invaluable tool especially when we aren’t able to do it for ourselves.

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