Two ‘Positive Attitude’ Myths Debunked


Positive Attitude, the thing that everyone says we need to have to make things happen, to be successful, to overcome difficult situations.

Positive - Good, Affirmative, Constructive

Attitude - a certain way of thinking or feeling

Therefore, a positive attitude is 'a good, affirmative, constructive way of thinking or feeling’

Most people, however, understand this as a way of thinking, they put the emphasis on the thinking part or using the positive sounding words.

You need to think about the good in this situation.

Think about words that are positive and describe your situation by using positive words.

Say positive things when you speak.

Although this is part of it, there is a little more to this than just the thinking part. Let’s debunk the two most popular myths of having a positive attitude.

Myth 1 : If you think positive and say positive words, you will be happy and attract good things.

It's not so much a thinking process, it’s a feeling process! And that's where most people go wrong and struggle with the techniques like affirmations and eventually become disillusioned.

It can get very frustrating when you continue to use positive words, which would be considered the 'right things to say' and get no results.

The statement to debunk myth 1: Your feelings dictate what you attract into your life

How you feel about it on the inside will dictate the energy you continue to carry around. So, no matter how many positive words you say out loud, it means little against the energy created by your feelings.

Sure, you can fake your situation when you talk to others but chances are nothing significant will change in your life till you have dealt with how you feel on the inside. How we feel impacts not only our mental state but also our physical state.

So, Work on the feelings! And then watch how your thoughts and words reflect good, constructive words automatically.

Myth 2 : Being positive means to always be in a state of contentment, joy and supercharged.

We have a big range of emotions to play with. Emotions and feelings are a big part of being and staying positive.

It is a myth to think that being positive means that we only ever experience the good stuff and we are never allowed to feel frustrated, upset or sad.

The statement to debunk myth 2: There is a range of emotions and all are valid.

To get to the good feeling, we must understand, accept and own each of these emotions. Sadness, Grief, Worry, overwhelm aren’t to be avoided, they are a part of the human experience and evolution.

We must, however, learn to process such emotions in a healthy manner and not dwell in it for too long. Staying with lower emotions for too long can hurt us by becoming fears, anxiety, insecurity etc.

We must dwell, understand and work these emotions in order to feel positive and this may not conform to the popular, mythical version of what positive attitude looks like.

Being positive can look different for different people, depending on which emotion one may be experiencing. Own and accept every emotion!

In conclusion, while practicing a positive attitude, keep two things in mind :

Your feelings dictate what you attract into your life Work on the feelings !

There is a range of emotions and all are valid. Own and accept every emotion !

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