Twin Hearts Meditation

"Twin Hearts Meditation, also known as
Meditation for Peace & Illumination"

A Guided Meditation by our Spiritual Teacher Grand Master Choakok Sui,
Founder of World Pranic Healing Foundation and Arhatic Yoga.


Meditation on Twin Hearts, has purifying effect on our Aura and chakras. This meditation also referred to as Bhakti Yoga helps to facilitate peace and harmony among the people around us. Since this yoga brings down a lot of divine love, divine light and divine power, it helps in providing spiritual and physical healing to the people who need the same.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a good way to serve humanity. In the process of the meditation we are able to spread blessing and divine energy throughout the world by blessing mother earth.

Eligibility Open for all
Duration 60 Mins. (Timings: 7.30 to 8.30 pm - Everyday)
Location The True North, 302 AkrutiLaxmi, 776 Parsi Colony, 16 Tilak Road, Dadar (East), Mumbai: 400 014, Maharashtra, India
Energy Exchange Free

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