Relationship – Failed Marriage

I approached Manissha for coaching when I was going through failed marriage. I was rejected by my husband from the first day of the marriage. I tried everything possible to make the marriage work but I failed miserably in all my attempts. I put up a false image of being happy in front of the society and I had no courage to speak about my dilemma to anyone. I suffered for almost two years in that state. I was completely shattered. I had lost my health, my self-confidence and faith in God. I felt unworthy, helpless and hopeless.

I thank Manissha for helping me come out of my dilemma smoothly and effortlessly. I will cherish my journey with her all my life. Her coaching sessions helped me gain my confidence & self-esteem and come out of my marriage with dignity. She provided easy to use tools to keep me at peace and bring about new realizations. She helped me look at life with a different perspective and I discovered my true self in the journey. Today, I am not only emotionally and financially independent but I am happily re-married.

Thank you Manissha. Without your support and nurturing this would not be possible. I am truly grateful to you. I wish you all the goodness.

- Malaika, Mumbai, India

Business – Improving Cash-flows

I am in business for last 10 years and was struggling to improve my cash-flow. My payments were stuck and I was unable to manage my business overheads. I was unable to cope up with my family’s requirements which put pressure on my family and my personal relationships were affected. Long standing anxiety and stress started affecting my health. I did not understand how to correct my situation and felt helpless. That’s when I registered for the 12 Week Transformation Program organized by The True North where Manissha was the Key facilitator.

Manissha helped me look at myself and my business objectively to find the gaps. She helped me discover my strengths and guided me to use my strengths to creatively solve my problems. She helped me discover the ineffective paradigms that were controlling my life and business choices and decisions. She provided me easy to use tools to bring the change in my ineffective habits and paradigms because of which I am more in control of my life.

My cash-flow has improved and I have more time to creatively expand my business. My loved ones are happy to witness this change. Life seems worth living now. It is full of hope and goodness.

I am indebted to Manissha for her contribution in my life.

- Rajesh, Pune, India

Conflicts with Office Colleagues

I was proceeding on maternity leave and I had to handover my job responsibilities to my colleague. We both had different personalities, different skills, different ways of thinking and different approach to work. It was very difficult to accept my colleague’s mind-set and every interaction was draining me. I was struggling to have an amicable relationship with my colleague. At the end of the day, we both felt very miserable. I did not want to go through these emotions during my pregnancy and hence I approached Manissha to help me.

She introduced me to ground-breaking principles of life and helped me view the whole episode in a completely different light. I was now encouraged to understand my colleague and accept his view-points. Because I was receptive, I got to learn new ways of doing things a lot more effectively from my colleague. Our equation changed and now we are good friends. We are able to laugh at our pettiness and arguments.

But I did not stop there. I continued to avail Manissha’s coaching services as the sessions brought to light so many hidden negative emotions and weaknesses that I was living with. Manissha helps me look at my shortcomings as an opportunity to evolve and transform. This she does in a very healthy way. I like the changes that I am seeing in me and that encourages me to do more. She makes every interaction so interesting that I look forward to sharing more about my personal challenges.

Manissha is very resourceful. She provides different perspectives and fantastic tools that makes it easy to overcome any shortcomings. She is very patient and passionate as a coach. She makes every conversation fun and enlightening. I thank her for being in my life.

- Swagata, Mumbai, India


My session with Ruby was supportive and very nurturing for me at a time when I needed relief from pain and I needed uplifting energy. Her healing light reaches you long distance in a powerful way. She is wonderful and caring, and I recommend her work!

- Dayna, U.S.A


My experience working with Ruby was completely enlightening. One of her special gifts is the ability to make any part of your path, no matter how grim it seems at the moment, to be part of a larger picture. After receiving the healing energy, I felt lighter and actually fell asleep (we planned it for later in the evening for me). The next day, I woke up feeling at peace with my life and the specific circumstances I was facing. When speaking to her afterwards, she shared some insights she had received while working on me, and also, most importantly, love and patience and great compassion as I face my life challenges. Instead of feeling like there was something "wrong" to fix, I felt like this was a step on a larger journey. And, her insights, were right on. Some of them I did not know at the time, but now looking at my notes in hindsight, she saw things that I was not able to see at the time. I strongly recommend working with Ruby on your healing journey!

- Amina, U.S.A


I recently had a Pranic Healing session with Ruby. I'd never experienced that kind of healing work before. However, I trust Ruby's work without exception. So, when she offered to do a session, I said yes, without hesitation.

The experience was both subtle and profound. I had been in a run-up of stress that was starting to affect my health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. I didn't tell Ruby much about my situation before the session, especially about what was happening in my body. However, after the session, Ruby sent me an email that nailed it exactly.

However, more importantly, I felt better. I felt grounded in a way I hadn't for weeks. I felt a sense of being at ease in my skin and the effects were lasting.

Ruby's work is powerful. She's the real deal. I highly recommend both her coaching and her pranic healing sessions for anyone who's looking for more clarity, ease, and peace - and that's just about everyone I know.

- Lisa, U.S.A


Ruby is my go-to Life Coach whenever I am lost! Needless to say, she has never failed me. She is very incisive in identifying the core reason one is feeling stuck in a situation. I especially love her straightforward approach with which she offers suggestions and advice to gently guide one back to the track. Ruby helped me over come a huge self-defeating thought process I had for many many years, for which, I am very grateful to her!

- Parul, India


Ruby got to the heart of my heart. She was able to help me sort out issues that I'd been struggling with for months in one short hour. Ruby has the ability to see into a problem with grace and love and she helped me come out the other side optimistic and aware. I feel like Ruby was able to see me in a way that I couldn't see myself and through her eyes I was able to find possibilities where I felt really hopeless. She brings an awareness to her coaching that is both unique and precious. Her insight is right on target and the skills she brings to the table are invaluable. Ruby is a truly a gift. As someone who has worked with coaches on various issues for years, I highly recommend Ruby. She's unique, she's honest, and most of all she has the ability to see potential and move her clients there with a loving hand.

- Lisa H, U.S.A


I was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age of 7. I grew up to be more impulsive, restless, violent, short-tempered, and anxious as I grew up. It reached its peak in my early teen-age. In spite of medical help, I could not cope up with this condition. I took support of substance abuse as an easy route to escape my condition and find peace. For a decade, I was a victim of this substance abuse which caused havoc in my life and my family. Under the influence of the substances, I under-went multiple accidents including some life-threatening ones. I was in a miserable state. I was distracted, disoriented and disturbed. This situation did not allow me to be consistent in any endeavour I attempted and hence I was financially dependent even in my mid-20’s.

Manissha’s coaching and healing worked miraculously. In just over 2 months I was out of my long standing addiction. She subsequently introduced me to Spiritual practices which helped significantly in my fast progress.

Today I am very stable, peaceful without any external resources. I have clarity of purpose. I am consistent and focussed and a happy soul. I am attracting good friends, good opportunities and love from family and friends which I was deprived of in my early stage of life. I also have a fulfilling job that is taking me closer to my life’s purpose.

I am thankful to Manissha for believing in me and guiding me. My family joins me in blessing her.

- Mohit, Mumbai, India

Career – Converting Passion into Profession

I worked as an accountant and I had topped in my college in Accounting and Finance. I was drawing a good salary but I was not happy. I felt very happy doing creative things like painting, dancing, singing. But I was not allowed by my family to make that as my profession. My family was keen to get me married. Since I was short, dark and obese they thought my best chance of marriage would be through a respectable job and income. My parents were not well-to-do so they were hoping to escape from paying the dowry in exchange of a secured job. These reasons kept me in a job. However, the job was making me very unhappy and slowly my effectiveness dropped and so did my confidence.

Manissha’s coaching saved me from a dragging life. Her coaching sessions helped me believe in myself. She helped me transcend beyond all my limitations. I gathered courage to follow my heart and made a shift. I took up dancing and as I started to dance, I lost weight, felt fitter, happier and peaceful. I smiled more often. People around me started to compliment me which boosted my self-esteem. Soon I left my corporate job and took a job as a dance teacher.

Everything just changed after one right decision of following my heart and pursuing my passion. The happiness in my heart brought more goodness. In a few months, I was proposed by my husband who fell in love with me at first sight. He made me feel like a queen. He married me without any dowry. He loves me like anything and my life has changed 360 degrees. I couldn’t have ask for a better life. Thank God I did not succumb to my parent’s fears.

Thanks to Manissha for supporting me in this transition. Without her support it would not be possible to follow my heart. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a breakthrough in their life.

- Radha, Pune, India


I love energy work and was excited to work with Ruby in our session. It was my first experience with Pranic Healing and I was really happy with it. During the session I felt so relaxed and warm and felt lots of different sensations in my body. It was surprising that being so far away you can work with someone's energy so effectively. I felt great afterwards and it helped with some health issues I was having at the time. I would definitely recommend Ruby and her talent with this type of work! Thank you Ruby!

- Whitney, U.S.A


Ruby is AMAZING! I had an energy session with her a few months ago and it was simply fantastic. Ruby was very professional in setting up a convenient time for me, sending me pertinent information before session starts and explained to me what to expect so I was very well prepared.

The session itself was so rejuvenating and uplifting. I felt my body, energy, and spirit shake up and shift as if a huge heaviness had been lifted. Like a cover had been lifted. The releasing was so freeing and I slept so soundly and so deeply afterwards.

If you've ever experienced a relaxing & rejuvinating effect of a physical massage, Ruby's energy work is an equivalent massage to the core of being...the spirit! Everyone can benefit greatly from Ruby!

- Heba, U.S.A


When I asked for a Pranic Healing session, I had no idea what to expect. I have a number of health issues and have always been open to alternative modalities. Ruby was a wonderful healer with whom to work. She explained things to me and prepared me for the session, but no one could have prepared me for the results! I had two sessions with Ruby and continue to experience improvements. I am hypothyroid and my thyroid levels have historically been hard to maintain. Since the Pranic Healing, they have stabilized and in fact my doctor has reduced the more active form of thyronine, the one that has more serious side effects. I also have arthritis, and am unable to take most OTC pain meds. Instead, I rely on turmeric for pain relief from inflammation. After the first Pranic Healing, I was able to reduce my afternoon dose.

After the second healing, my dose has been cut in half, with as significant relief as I had before. I have also experience increased energy. Something sorely lacking following recent surgeries and my low thyroid levels. I would recommend at least trying one session before making any decisions. My personal opinion is that there is a role for Western healing which focuses primarily on symptom relief, and Eastern healing which focuses on systems relief. This has literally been a life changing experience!

- Regina, U.S.A


I have always believed in energy-based healing, as a homeopathic practitioner myself. Ruby is a longtime friend of mine, but we discussed pranic healing only recently, as I needed help with severe muscle spasms and also with a binge eating issue.

I have had 6 sessions with Ruby so far. The pain has reduced almost to nil, and my control with food is much better. My energy levels have improved too, and I feel like I have healed.

It is amazing to be able to do this in the comfort of your own home, Ruby has a healing touch that is soothing. Definitely recommended.

- Ashima, U.S.A


Ruby is a wonderful life coach. I have consulted her quite a lot during my most turbulent times of my personal life. She has patiently and without any biases, heard me out and also helped me in working towards the well being of my life. Highly recommended Ruby as a life coach.

- Milind, India


Ruby Gangadharan is a very great life coach, for me she is a life mentor. Her way of dealing problem/issues is so smooth that one never feels that he/she is talking to some coach, she makes the client feel comfortable while communicating the situations. Her step by step procedure knocks directly at the issue and therefore without much effort the problem fades away. The solutions or the ideas she puts forward for a particular issue are creative and I enjoyed in performing them. e.g. "Assignment Section" , it brought in me habit of writing daily journal and made me balanced. My time with her is the most inspiring one. I learned a lot from her enigmatic persona.

- Divya, India

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