Relationship Healing

Relationship healing focuses on removing negative, congested and dirty energy between two people. Many relationships have blockages to fester for years and that causes an unseen tension, irritation and even anger to rise up just thinking of an interaction with that person. It even impacts how decisions are made, ability to co-habitat or work together.


What can we Heal?

Relationship Healing - Between any two people


Parents and children


Office colleagues

Booking a Session

At a request for a healing session, a short questionnaire will be sent to gather basic information required for healing.

Once the information is studied, a quick call may be requested by the healer to ask further questions to gain clarity on certain responses.

The number of healings required will depend on the number of issues, the severity of the issues and the recommended protocol repetitions as per Pranic Healing.

Payment details will be sent at the onset of the total sessions (post the call with the healer) and feedback will be provided post each session along with certain recommendations.

What is expected from the patient?
Before the Healing

Be receptive and complete the salt water bath before the session.

Subscribe to the number of healings and be patient.

Be open and honest about the past, medical history etc.

Continue to take prescribed medications and treatments, Pranic Healing is meant to work as a complimentary treatment and not as a replacement.

Be open to spirituality, complimentary modalities of treatment, this will increase the assimilation of energy sent by the healers.

What is expected from the patient?
During the session

At the beginning of the session, mentally say ‘ I allow and accept the healing’.

Its recommended but not required, that during the session you do meditation, stay silent, read a book or do as little as possible. The aim is to be receptive.

If you experience any discomfort, please message with details. At the end of healing, you may have a chat about the finding or any messages that have come the healer.


Benefits of Relationship Healing

You will

Experience positive change in your relationships.

Experience a deep sense of calm and openness around the individual.

Notice a change in the way communication flows from the other person.

Find situation change that reduce the need for friction and fights.

Be more receptive and accepting of others..

Healing Mode

In-Person, Distance, Skype

How many Healings are recommended?

It is determined by the severity of the relationship.

Simple Ailment - 12 -15 Healings

Long Standing Issue - can go up to 30 Healings

What is The Frequency of The Healings?

Twice or Thrice a Week depending on the severity and receptivity.

What is The Duration of The Healing?

40 Mins - 1 Hour.

How much does it Cost?

It Cost Rs. 1,000/- Session. For Bulk Bookings, You receive 25% Discount.

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