Life Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of finding patterns within seemingly chaotic systems, called our lives in order to further understand our world and then mastering the use of these patterns in order to invent NEW POSSIBILITIES.

The purpose of coaching is to stimulate thinking, growth and change that lead to action.

What are the different approaches to Coaching?

Coaching Conversation

Coaching Engagement

What is coaching conversation and who can avail this service?

These are one-time, single issue conversations that are aimed to resolve a situation quickly. When you find yourself stuck in any issue, a coaching conversation can help you get more clarity, overcome a block and lead to an important insight that helps you move ahead.

A coaching conversation are ‘tune up’ conversations to existing work that has been done. It helps resolve an internal conflict or a distraction that is preventing further growth or achieving of goals. These conversations give a renewed perspective to previous findings, and also allow for minor course corrections where necessary.

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What is a Coaching Engagement and who can avail this service?

Coaching Engagement is a 3-month contract where the coachee works with a coach to gain fresh, informed perspective on issues, problems, or challenges that are long standing. These can also be used to clarify, plan, strategize new goals so as to get positive outcomes and success.

You get to set 1 Primary Goal and 2 Secondary Goals in the Engagement. The goal can be in any of the following areas: - Personal Goals, Professional / Career Goals, Relationship Goals, Health Goals, Spiritual Goals, or Financial Goals.

What is the role of a Coach?

A coach help you clarify goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

A coach is a guide in navigating a significant life change.

A coach can help to zero in on negative patterns and habits that could be obstacles in the way of success.

A coach helps in identifying passion, needs, wants, potential and leads to more clarity of life.

A coach is an accountability buddy couple with a disciplinarian that ensure the person is implementing what is necessary to experience significant change.

What is the process of availing the Coaching services?

A short information sheet with a few basic questions will be sent out to the potential client, which is a way to get first impression of the help that is sought.

This is followed by a brief 30 min call where the coach and the potential client can get answers to questions about each other. This is to gauge if the coach and potential clients are a match.

If a match is found, the coachee is put on the roster for a coaching engagement (which is for a minimum of 3 months).

Coachee will get a detailed coaching pack, with questions and pre-work to be completed before the first session along with the payment details.

The coaching sessions are via Skype call or a telephone, as agreed. The coachee will be supported via emails or chat with the coach, between two sessions.

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