Book Study

Book Study Is a powerful tool that provides an opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and promote conversations on written concepts of the writer. The interaction helps in understanding the practical application of the concept, generate new ideas and gain deep truths of what is being written about. Our book study is led by Senior Certified Pranic Healers and Senior Arhatic Yoga - Level 2 and above Practitioners.

For Pranic Healers

Study of Pranic Healing Books published by GMCKS World Pranic Healing Foundations under the guidance of Senior Certified Pranic Healers.

Basic Pranic Healing

Advanced Pranic Healing

Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic Crystal Healing

Pranic Psychic Self-Defence

For Arhatic Yogis

Study of Spiritual Books published by GMCKS World Pranic Healing Foundation under the guidance of Senior Arhatic Yoga Practitioners - Level 2 and above.

Achieving Oneness with the higher Soul by GMCKS

Existence of God is Self-Evident by GMCKS

Golden Lotus Sutras by GMCKS

Recommended Esoteric Books by GMCKS

Duration of the Program and frequency of the sessions.

6 Weeks - 1 Classroom session a week of 4 Hours.

Cost of the Program

It Cost Rs. 3,000/-

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