10 Signs That It’s Time To Give Up & Let Go


Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

Should I stay or should I go? Should I spend or save? Should I ask or should I adjust? Should I stay the course or should I look for a different path?

To further complicate the decision, we are often faced to choose based on the 'should have' others perceive are good for us.

And if we choose based on what others want us to, over time, we will find we aren't leading life's that are our own. We hold on to things because we think it’s the right thing to do.

Or even worst, even if we know it doesn’t work for us, we hold on because we have been continuously told that 'giving up' is not an option for successful people.

Yes, successful people are tenacious but they are always moving towards things that are in line with their internal values and vision. They don’t hold on to things because it is what’s expected of them or from fear of what others might think if they gave up.

How much 'holding on' is good and when do we know we have 'given up' too easily?

Sometimes giving up IS a healthy choice and here are 10 signs it’s time to let go:

When the situation makes you unhappy more than happy.

When the situation is holding you back from being what you want to be or doing what you really want to do.

When you find yourself in tears more than you find yourself in joy.

When the only reason you are holding on is the fear of the unknown.

When you constantly pretend to be someone else.

When holding on means that you continue without inspiration, fulfilment and excitement.

When the situation drains you emotionally, physically and mentally.

When you find yourself constantly sacrificing your core beliefs.

When you find a self-defeating recurring pattern .

When thinking about something different feels really good and gives you instant relief.

If you have answered yes to most of these statements, chances are that you need to introspect, to identify what you really want out of life.

In these moments, 'giving up' is a healthier choice. It means you will move to a situation where you will be calmer, happier and find your passion.

And that is what life is about, it’s about living your purpose, contributing something of value to others and using your skills and talents to make a difference !

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