10 Indicators of a Prosperous, Content and Successful life


In today's world, how do you measure success?

The world tells us success means to have things, something that is tangible and one that can be seen, like big houses, big bank balance, a top title in a good company, a business that has a multi-million turnover, vacations around the world and high-end gadgets to show for.

Having all of the above could be considered a successful like but it is not necessary that everyone that has these things is prosperous, content or enjoying real success.

Success and feeling successful is different to different people, yes but there are a few commonalities that people who are truly living a prosperous life feel.

Here are 10 indicators that you are living a prosperous and successful life.

You are generally happy and feeling balanced in all areas of your life.

You have enough money to fulfil your requirements and don’t live in want.

You have a deep and meaningful relationship with parents, family members, spouse and kids.

You have regular connect with friends who know you well and with whom you can be yourself.

You have an engaged social life outside of work - hobbies, charity, book club etc.

You have a good connect and healthy conversations with peers and colleagues.

You have a general outlook of trust in every situation.

You take on new challenges and aren't afraid of change.

You live in a state of appreciation and each decade is only better than the previous one.

You are continuously impacting and changing the lives of people around you and contributing to something bigger than yourself.

These are a good indication that you are living a fulfilled, holistic life. Being prosperous and truly successful one has to work towards a larger goal, a vision, a purpose that is more than just accumulating for self.

Life is not about what you achieve.
It’s about who you are and how you live.

- Maggie Huffman

Once you start to live by principles, work towards a vision, and contribute to the upliftment of everyone around you, everything starts to fall in place. There is a continuous expansion of your joy and you find that you effortlessly fulfil your desires.

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